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Fic: The Traumatic Act of Parental Nookie, as Witnessed by Sam Winchester

Title: The Traumatic Act of Parental Nookie, as Witnessed by Sam Winchester
Author: scourgeofeurope
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Mary, Sam, Dean, mention of John, (Mary/John, obvs.)
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 2575
Timeline/Universe: This takes place in the Mary 'verse I started so long ago, after 5.13. It's all vague and ambiguous and probably comes off as nonsensical and stuff, but it includes these other two stories: Take a Sad Song and Stitches. Whatever, man, I think they're cute.
Spoilers/Warnings: I guess if you've ever seen your parents have sex, the one sentence with the subtle description of the act might be considered triggering.
A/N: I wrote this a really long time ago, and trashed it. I couldn't handle it, the pacing was off, I was a failure, blah blah blah. I'd sent it to a friend, though, so it was still in my sent mail from way back when and today, when I went through and deleted every email I've ever collected in the past two years or so, I remembered it. And I saved it. And I reread it. And fuck it, I liked it. Pacing be damned, I can't even write like this anymore. And it's fanfiction, an inconsequential exit from reality for just a little while, and I shouldn't criticize myself for it if that's going to ruin it for me. This is sweet, I think, and it made me smile, so I thought I'd share.

/miserable life rant over <insert apologies for making it here>


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Some random thing I found featuring the tiny antichrist who was never heard from again

*waves* Well, this is completely random, but I found this old story on my computer. Pretty sure I wrote it in a conversation to Liz a long time ago, so it doesn't exactly flow like a story should at the beginning. I think our conversation surrounding it was about how s6 clearly would have been improved if they'd brought the little Antichrist, Jesse, back. Remember him? Yeah, so I think what it was, was that instead of going off to be domestic with the Braedons, or whatever their name was, after Sam fell in the hole, Dean somehow happens along Jesse, who came back from Australia only to discover he's lost his parents. And they just kind of roam around together, quiet and grieving, Dean constantly drunk and unable to say Sam's name and Jesse always there, but ~forever alone~. 

So if you just managed to get through that rambling mess, I'm just going to post it here in case anyone's interested. I've been rewatching the first season and coming to terms with the fact that Supernatural will never be the Supernatural I fell in love with, so I've just been going back through old things and trying to revive that feeling I used to have for it. Oh, one of several holes in my life, how will I fill you? *shakes fist* Whatever, here it is. Sharing now.

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The Wellspring

Eh. I've gotten a few messages recently about this, so I thought I'd just make an entry in case anyone was wondering where it's standing. I think I've been pretty open that I suffer from a few head issues. I'm severely depressed and that's not something that goes away. And for whatever reason my head clings to certain things and turns them into reasons to hate myself and, again,  for whatever reason, this fic has become one of those things. I've tried a few times to finish it. I go back and attempt to reread, but I just end up cringing really hard and having to close the window.'s not that I don't want to finish it for you guys (because it would be for you and not for me at this point), it's just that I'm incapable. Maybe some day my head will turn around on the issue and things will change, but I don't know. I can't give a definite answer on that. So I'm sorry to anyone it disappoints, but I hope you understand.
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Title: Potholes
Author: scourgeofeurope 
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Word count: 1367
Warnings/Spoilers: N/A
Summary: But, yeah, that’s probably what this is, this sickness. Sam thought those sniffles were just the product of a new orphan’s tears, but apparently they were something more and something worse, and there’s another something inside his chest, a guilty something, strong-arming him every time they hit a pothole because his brother is tired and sick and deserves a smooth ride.
Author's Notes: Thanks everyone, for all of your kind words on...well, every fic I've ever posted, but the last one as well. I should be less lazy and say it to all of you individually because it does mean a lot to me that you read and you tell me your thoughts, but I feel it would always come out as a ♥. Which I suppose is probably close to enough as that lovely heart symbol is what you make me feel. Thank you so much again. 


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Thunder Road, and Not the Ballad Thereof

Title: Thunder Road, and Not the Ballad Thereof
Author: scourgeofeurope 
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sam, Dean
Genre: Some kind of mess
Word Count: 1,090
Warnings/Spoilers: brother hitting
Timeline: Post S1
Summary: But there are times when this just has to happen, outside of a bar on a warm western night, all blood and bruises and sibling frustration, bleeding all over each other, rips in their jeans growing bigger with every vicious turnaround, rocks tearing holes in their already torn shirts, grappling for something real and tangible, normal, a childhood fight twenty years too late, avoided by the fate of having an absent father and a dead mother, and where are they now anyway?
Author's Note: *waves* Just...I don't know. Posting this. For the sake of posting something after so long. I don't know what this is, I just felt like writing something.

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