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The Wellspring

Eh. I've gotten a few messages recently about this, so I thought I'd just make an entry in case anyone was wondering where it's standing. I think I've been pretty open that I suffer from a few head issues. I'm severely depressed and that's not something that goes away. And for whatever reason my head clings to certain things and turns them into reasons to hate myself and, again,  for whatever reason, this fic has become one of those things. I've tried a few times to finish it. I go back and attempt to reread, but I just end up cringing really hard and having to close the window.'s not that I don't want to finish it for you guys (because it would be for you and not for me at this point), it's just that I'm incapable. Maybe some day my head will turn around on the issue and things will change, but I don't know. I can't give a definite answer on that. So I'm sorry to anyone it disappoints, but I hope you understand.
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